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February #LoveYourselfChallenge

Get ready!! Our February #LoveYourselfChallenge kicks off Tuesday.

This one will take place on my Facebook page instead of a private group, and your check-ins will be in the comments of each day's post. This challenge will be free and publicly available to anyone who wishes to participate, but you also have the option of paying a $10 entry fee to fund a prize pot and be eligible to win cash at the end of the month. The value of the cash prize and odds of winning depend upon the number of entrants, but previous prizes have been $150.

You'll have a calendar that helps you along. As you can see, each day has a different "theme." Sundays will be walking, Mondays will be core and balance, Tuesdays will be dance/aerobics, Wednesdays will be flexibility/yoga, Thursdays will be cardio/HIIT/Tabata, Fridays will be upper body strength, and Saturdays will be lower body strength.

Workouts will typically take 10-30 minutes of your time. The idea is to move your body in a variety of ways in order to celebrate what your body can do for you, to take care of it, and maybe to find some new ways of moving your body that you enjoy.

You'll notice that each day on the calendar has three boxes: one with a dumbbell, one with a comment box, and one with a prize ribbon. These correllate to your tasks for the day. When you do the workout task, check off the dumbbell. When you comment with your check-in, check off the comment box. When you do the "bonus" challenge (this will typically be more of a self-care, mental health, or nutrition challenge), check off the prize ribbon. If you are competing for the prize, you will submit your calendar at the end of the month. If you are not competing, the calendar is an optional habit tracker for you.

Contact me for payment options if you wish to be prize-eligible. If you just want to challenge yourself without the prize option, follow The Fit Nic on Facebook and check for your first task Tuesday morning!

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