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The Best Embarrassment Ever

I want you to meet my new friend Lindsey. I first met Lindsey when she took part in the Summer Shape-Up Fitness Challenge at Mugwamps Fitness. Lindsey wasn't on my team, and her team beat mine, but that's okay. I like her anyway.

After the challenge was over, Lindsey stayed on with Mugwamps and also signed up with me for small group training throughout the summer. You need to know this about Lindsey for two reasons: (1) so you can understand the progress she has made and the hard work she has put into herself this year, and (2) so you will know how this "embarrassing" story could have happened to her.

First, let's take a quick look at Lindsey's recent progress. If you meet Lindsey today, you'll meet much less of her than I met a few months ago:

As you can see, Lindsey is hard at work changing her body. And that's where today's story comes in.

A few days ago, Lindsey noticed a lump in her breast. This can be terrifying for any woman, but especially when you take into account that she has lost both parents to cancer. Lindsey swallowed her fear and called her doctor for an appointment, exactly as you're supposed to do if you notice any changes in your breasts.

At the appointment, her doctor told her that it was most likely cystic breast tissue and nothing to be alarmed about, but just in case, she needed to go to Integris Comprehensive Breast Center to get it checked out thoroughly.

Well, today was Lindsey's appointment, and of course she was nervous. Given her family history, who wouldn't be? And to make it even worse, the breast center is right next door to the facility where she took her mom for chemo. Ugh.

She bravely marched in for her appointment, and her family and friends all awaited the news of her results . . .

Then Lindsey posted this on Facebook:



Not only is she all clear, but she's discovering muscles where she didn't know she had any!! I can't even express to you how happy this makes me that my friend Lindsey is healthy, happy, and STRONG. She told me, "I blame you for my boobie muscles," the truth of the matter is that she did this herself. She set goals, committed to them, and worked hard to get where she is today--and she's still going. Lindsey is a goaldigger who has accomplished big things for herself and who is going to accomplish even more.

I'm proud of you, Lindsey! Congratulations!

And ladies, don't ever hesitate to get things checked out. You don't need to be embarrassed when you get the all clear. It's much better to get something checked and find out it's nothing (or even better than nothing--muscles) than to ignore something and find out too late that it's a problem. Do your self-exams and schedule your mammograms!

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