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Welcome to the FitNic

I'm so glad you've found me here. While the FitNic is still in its initial stages, I hope you'll stay along for the ride as the site grows and evolves to be the resource it is intended to be. The FitNic will become a website through which you can order online personal training programs to complete anywhere or book face-to-face personal and small group training sessions in Piedmont, Oklahoma. Additionally, through the FitNic blog, you can find information, support, and tips to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

For now, let me introduce myself: I'm Nicci, and I'm the face of the FitNic. I'm an ACE-certified personal trainer as well as a group fitness instructor at an amazing little local studio here in Piedmont: Mugwamps Fitness. If you live nearby or happen to be visiting the area, come by and check us out. Meagan Early, the owner of Mugwamps Fitness, has created a really special place that supports women and encourages them wherever they may be along their path to fitness. If you have been intimidated by group fitness in the past, Mugwamps is the place to go. It feels less like walking into a scary gym and more like meeting up with your friends for a fun, effective, laugh-filled workout. In addition to me and Meagan, the studio has three other instructors: Amy, Maria, and Courtney. All of the instructors are encouraging, personable, and truly committed to helping each woman who walks through the doors to be her best.

In the coming days, I'll be telling you a little more about myself, but it's important that you know I haven't always been dedicated to fitness. I was not an athlete growing up. I didn't enjoy sports, and I didn't care much for exercise. The main things I remember about PE class are the mortification of the square-dancing unit and trying to come up with creative excuses to sit out of whatever activity we had planned.

Even as a child, I was a classic yo-yo dieter, and it wasn't until I met my now-husband that I began to even consider becoming fit. You see, he was very much into fitness: he played all the sports in high school, and when I met him during college, he was into weight lifting. It took some time, but eventually, I realized that he didn't stay in shape because he was lucky; he stayed in shape because he worked at it.

I began an on-again, off-again relationship with fitness--although, to be honest, it was more off than on. But during those fits and starts, I learned a lot about health and fitness: what to do and what not to do. Every time I'd have some success, I'd think about taking what I learned, becoming a personal trainer, and passing that on to others.

It took me roughly 20 years from the time I first considered it, but with the encouragement of my girls at Mugwamps (where I was a member, not an instructor, at the time), I finally pulled the trigger. In December 2017, at the age of 43, I earned my personal trainer certification. Now, I'm finding ways to pass on what I've learned and offer the support of someone who has "been there." The FitNic is born of my efforts to bring fitness to others while juggling my other careers, interests, and family life. So stick around. Watch how the FitNic grows and changes along this journey. Because aren't we all just voyagers through this life? Let's keep growing together as we seek and follow our paths.

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