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I love Jesus and believe he is the Son of God, and my saving grace. I am married to my favorite person and handsome husband. I am a momma of two beautiful kiddos who make me smile everyday. I have an amazing job at the Center of Family Love in Okarche Oklahoma and I enjoy every minute. I was super active when I was younger and forgot just how much I love to be moving. Going to FitNic classes each week for the last year and some odd months, has reminded me just how much I love it. It also reminded me just how much I love to dance 💃💃. Nicci is the absolute best instructor, she makes each class so much fun. I am excited to attend all the classes I can and can't wait for them each week. At a time when the whole world seems to be crazy and a little off kilter, FitNic has brought balance, stress relief and a family of friends I am so blessed to have.

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Breanna Beam
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