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Stronger September Pact: You vs. Your Potential

I knew becoming a STRONG Nation Instructor was going to be worth the time, energy, and expense, and here we are killing it. Coming in September, STRONG Nation is launching the Stronger September Pact, and I'm excited that we can all be a part of it.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll come to 2-3 classes with me per week. I will have STRONG Nation every Monday and Tuesday in September, and I'll plan on adding an on-demand pre-recorded class for you to take at your convenience (September classes are posted and available to book now!!). My other classes will still be available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, but we'll start the week off STRONG.

  • Follow @wearestrongnation on Instagram or STRONG Nation on Facebook and complete the daily task provided each day in September.

  • When you complete a daily task or attend a class with me, you'll brag about it on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #StrongerSeptember and tag me (The Fit Nic on Facebook and @thefitnic1 on Instagram) and STRONG Nation (handles linked above).

  • When you attend a live class with me, I'll take a group pic and use the hashtags from the Stronger September Pact and #SYNCStrongerSept. I could win a free spot at SYNC Summit 2022, and the participants in the picture could win STRONG ID apparel (Can't wait to win? Use the code THEFITNIC for a discount on your order.)

Follow along with me on Facebook or Instagram, and join the NicoTeam on Facebook for extra support and encouragement as we take on the #StrongerSeptemberPact and start off Fall #strongertogether.

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