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Imperfectly Perfect: On Sale Now!

I've been wanting to sell The Fit Nic shirts for a while now, but I've been trying to find a design or logo that sums up what The Fit Nic is all about. Since I'm a firm believer in progress over perfection, and because I believe that we should love ourselves as we are even while seeking to improve, I think this "imperfectly perfect" design fits the bill.

I kept The Fit Nic logo small to emphasize the message. None of us is perfect, and that's exactly as it should be: we're imperfectly perfect just the way we are. The things you perceive as flaws are the things that make you uniquely and beautifully you.

While I'm a huge fan of tank tops, I know a lot of my ladies prefer sleeves, so we went with a triblend unisex t-shirt, available in sizes S-XXL. Shirts are only $25, with any proceeds rolled back into The Fit Nic for giveaways, discounts, licensing, and special events. The first run of t-shirt sales runs through October 3, with orders to be shipped October 12. Get yours here:

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