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Meet Kelsey: Small Group Training Summer '18

My Summer 2018 training groups are finishing eight weeks with me this week, and I've had so much fun working with these beautiful ladies. My favorite part of training is watching how much stronger these women become in only a couple of months and seeing how much more confident they are in their own abilities and strength. Last night was Kelsey's last session with me for the summer, and I just want to share with you her results. I don't show you this to toot my own horn, but to show you the work that Kelsey put in, both when she was with me and on her own. Kelsey's fitness journey started before she met me, and it's going to continue long after small group training, because this woman is a goal digger. She has lost over 70 pounds since the beginning of the year, and she's not showing any signs of stopping. In the last eight weeks, Kelsey has lost 12 pounds, and even better--she's lost 6.9% body fat while maintaining her muscle mass!!! Twelve pounds of fat GONE!! This is what Kelsey posted on her Facebook page last night after our final session and measurements, and she has given me permission to share it with you:

And just because you need to see that this is really about Kelsey and her drive and willingness to meet her goals, here is a picture of Kelsey now compared to before she began her fitness journey earlier this year:

Kelsey, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. It has been a privilege to watch you work.

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