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About The FitNic

Nicci Francis is an AFAA-certified Group Fitness Instructor, ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist, and NASM-certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach. She is a licensed Zumba® instructor (including Zumba Gold®, Zumba Kids/Kids Jr.®, Zumba Glutes®, and Aqua Zumba®); licensed CIRCL Mobility™ instructor;  licensed WARRIOR Rhythm™, WARRIOR Strength™, and WARRIOR Combat™ instructor; and licensed WERQ® instructor. She is currently working toward her RYT-200 yoga teacher certification and SEL*F (social emotional learning facilitator) certification.


Nicci is also a school librarian in Oklahoma, where she lives with her husband and two of the best kids anyone could ask for. 

A semi-reformed couch potato, Nicci has completed five half-marathons to date, even after swearing off running ever again after her first half was completed in 2005. Twelve years later, she was convinced to try again. 

Her interests include running, lifting heavy things, punching and kicking imaginary opponents (preferably to a good beat), dancing, reading, napping, and tacos. She loves watching people smash their goals, and gets a ridiculous amount of joy from watching people accomplish things they thought were impossible.

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